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Tuesday October 24th, 2017
June 2nd, 2008
June 2nd, 2008

Datacenter Fire interruppts service for Server #3

A data center fire that occurred on Saturday has caused a service interruption. We have re-routed several of the affected protocols and everything is back up - although you may experience some slower access over the next few days as the data center is rebuilt and other servers deal with the backlog of traffic.

The fire occurred in one of our upstream provider´s locations and killed power to the facility. It will be some weeks before power can be restored. Thankfully none of the servers there were damaged - just power facilities. As a result we were forced to re-route traffic for DNS (Domain Name System) to an alternate data center. This has been completed and our server #3 is back running normally. Once the original data center is back online we will restore the server to is initial configuration.

Services Affected:

Email was disabled for approximately 24h as a result of this issue - thankfully most servers will continue attempting to send email for 4 days - so you should still get all your email - it will just show up a bit late.

As a result of the server loosing it´s DNS service it also eventually crashed under extreme load (it kept trying to deal with the email backlog) and it required a manual restart by an on-site technician.

We apologize for those who didn´t get an immediate response to their inquiries about this issue - we had our hands full dealing with the outage.

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